About us

Sonatex 2000 with over 30 years experience has established itself as a leading company in the field of textile flame lamination . We offer a full range of lamination techniques . We supply laminating friendly materials to the environment .

In Sonatex 2000 we offer you the experience and know-how accumulated over the years to offer comprehensive solutions for laminate. For this reason we continue to develop the most advanced techniques , always committed to quality in order to meet market expectations as a comprehensive service provider , taking responsibility for the entire project with speed, flexibility and just in time achieving full satisfaction of our customers.

Our modern facilities , strategically located , are equipped with the best and latest technology . This makes our production systems faster, efficient and competitive .
Sonatex 2000 has a large storage capacity which together with our methodology allows us to have materials in stock and able to cope with any unforeseen contingency .